Technical Specification

Properties Specified values as per |S:2046-1995, Type s, HGS Rizon Confirms Specified values as per IS:2046-1995, Type S, HGS Rizon Confirms
Resistance to surface were 350 (revolutions) 350 (revolutions)
Resistance to immersion in boiling water    
— Mass increase (%) 10.0(Maximum) 7.5(Maximum)
- Thickness increase (%) 11.8(Maximum) 8.5(Maximum)
— Appearance Not worse than 4 Not worse than 4
Resistance to dry heat 180 c Not worse than 4 Not worse than 4
Dimensional stability at deviated temperature    
- Longitudinal (%) 0.55 (Maximum) 0.44 (Maximum)
- Transverse (%) 1.025 (Maximum) 0.86 (Maximum)
Dimensional stability at 20 c    
- Longitudinal (%) 0.375 (Maximum) 0.31 (Maximum)
- Transverse (%) 0.60 (Maximum) 0.49 (Maximum)
Resistance to impact by small diameter bal 20N (Minimum) 20N (Minimum)
Resistance to cracking Not worse than 4 Not worse than 4
Resistance to scratching 2N (Minimum) 2N (Minimum)
Resistance to staining Not worse than 5 Not worse than 5
Resistance to colour    
- In xenon arc light Not worse than 6 Not worse than 6
— In enclosed carbon arc light Not worse than 5 Not worse than 5
Resistance to cigarette burns Not worse than 3 Not worse than 3
Resistance to steam Not Worse than 4 Not Worse than 4
Appearance Should be free from foreign particles Should be free from foreign particles

Product Applications

General and fire retardant [FR]
Standard, post forming, compact, cabinet liners, backer
2440 mm x 1220 mm [8' x4']
RIZON Highlight
Design paper from Japanese & European manufacturers. Manufactured using best quality kraft paper. 100 °/o Melamine resin and 100 °/o phenolic resin. Use of best chemical raw materials for better flexibility & durability. PP wrapping film for surface protection till completion of furnishing work for P.G.
Care & Maintenance
Cleaning should be carried out with a soft moist cloth and warm soap solution. Do not use detergents containing abrasive particle or excess soda.
Customers are advised to reconfirm selected laminate when placing orders as our liability does not include claims arising from sample chip pasting error. Samples presented are indicative of colour, pattern and surface finish but not of actual thicknesses. All metallic patterns series recommended for vertical application only. Information and samples for special cabinet liners, phenolic boards, special purposes compact laminates and post forming laminates are available on request.

Cutting a laminate sheet at an angle of 90 degree leads to development of cracks in corner after pasting. Therefore it is advisable to avoid cutting at an angle of 90 degrees.

Bonding of laminate under high humidity, Plywood with high moisture content,Ply with uneven surface, inferior quality adhesive and insufficient pressure may lead to delamination / air bubbles in between ply & laminate.